A354 is defined as fasteners for application at normal atmospheric temperatures, where high strength is required and for limited application at elevated temperature. There are other ASTM grades that align closely with both grades BC and BD that have more specific applications.

Similar Grades to Grade BC

ASTM A193 Grade B7

Grade Size (in.) Yield, KSI, min Tensile, KSI, min Elong %, min RA %, min HRC
A354BC 14" - 212" 109 125 16 50 C26 min C36 max
258" - 4" 94 115 16 45 C22 min C33 max
A193B7 14" - 212" 105 125 16 50 C35 max
258" - 4" 95 115 16 50 C35 max
418" - 7" 75 100 18 50 C35 max

ASTM A193 is a fastener specification covering alloy and stainless steel bolts and threaded studs for use with flanges, valves, pressure vessels, and fittings for high temperature and high pressure service. A193B7 fully threaded studs and heavy hex bolts are widely available in the marketplace.

The chemical and mechanical requirements of A354BC and A193B7 are nearly identical. There are some differences beyond just the intended application though. A193B7 allows for diameters up to 7″, while A354BC only goes up to 4″. Also, A193B7 calls for diameters larger than 1″ to have eight pitch thread series (8UN) unless otherwise specified. Heads of A354BC bolts will be standard hex, while A193B7 will be heavy hex unless otherwise specified. A354BC bolts are compatible with both A194 Grade 2H and A563 Grade DH heavy hex nuts, while A193B7 bolts are only compatible with A194 nuts.

F1554 Grade 105

Grade Size (in.) Yield, KSI, min Tensile, KSI, min Elong %, min RA %, min HRC
A354BC 14" - 212" 109 125 16 50 C26 min C36 max
258" - 4" 94 115 16 45 C22 min C33 max
F1554-105 12" - 3” 105 125 (150 max) 15 45 N/A

F1554 Grade 105 is the highest strength of the three grades within the F1554 specification, which covers steel anchor bolts intended for anchoring structural supports to concrete foundations.

The chemical and requirements of A354BC and F1554 Grade 105 are very similar. The intended application for F1554 is as an anchor bolt, and F1554 Grade 105 covers a slightly narrower range of diameters than A354. Also note that F1554 Grade 105 has a maximum tensile strength of 150 ksi, while A354 has no maximum.

Similar Grades to Grade BD


Grade Size (in.) Yield, KSI, min Tensile, KSI, min Elong %, min RA %, min HRC
A354BD 1/4" - 2-1/2" 130 150 14 50 C33 min C39 max
258" - 4" 115 140 14 45 C31 min C39 max
A490 12" - 112 120 150 min 173 max 14 40 C33 min C39 max

ASTM A490 was withdrawn in 2016, and A490 is currently a grade which falls under the F3125 specification. Bolts manufactured under this specification are intended for use in structural connections.

Section 4.1.3 of ASTM F3125 notes, “Bolts with thread lengths or dimensional requirements which differ from this specification may also be ordered under Specification A449 or A354. Users should note that A449 and A354 are not exact equivalents to the structural grades in this specification.”

This indicates that A354 Grade BD can be an alternative for Grade A490 bolts if the requirement is for something other than heavy hex bolts with standard structural bolt thread lengths (the mention of A449 is related to F3125 Grade A325).

Note 2 in ASTM A354 also refers to the correlation between A354 Grade BD and F3125 Grade A490.:

 “Alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners (that is, heavy hex-structural bolts over 1-1⁄2 in., hex bolts, anchor bolts, and countersunk bolts) exhibiting similar mechanical properties to bolts conforming to Specification A490 shall be covered by Grade BD of this specification.“

SAE J429 Grade 8 bolts have virtually identical strength and chemical requirements to those of A354 Grade BD.